Rental Management

Would you like to be informed about everything or just know what’s required to know? Should we take care of all the decisions or simply prepare you for them to the best of our abilities? Whatever your needs are – you’ll get tailor-made guidance from us.

What distinguishes us from other property management companies is a great identification with your property. We have your interests in mind and align them with those of your tenants. We use a lot of finesse to accomplish this. Our commitment to your property should make life simpler for you. Located in the center of Berlin, we can be right where you need us to be should there ever be an emergency.

It is often underestimated how important a good neighborhood is in residential properties. Nobody solely lives for themselves. Turning spatial proximity into a social neighborhood is a basic concern of ours. Transparency and availability are very important to us: Thanks to professional software, all transactions are handled precisely, quickly and reliably. Upon request, we will develop a short, intermediate or long-term property maintenance routing, so you can secure your investment for the long run.

Scope of Services for Rental Management


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