Our Philosophy

Property is binding. When one purchases a property, he or she does not buy a faceless investment, but a home for people. Yet an ideal living situation – according to mittenmang property management’s core belief – is difficult to achieve without a good neighborhood. That is why we follow a simple philosophy: a modern, professional management of houses is directly correlated with a caring neighborhood and "Kiez" commitment. 

Transparency creates trust and security

When a property management company is hired, responsibility shifts away from the property owner. A property management company makes decisions, which in some cases could have considerable consequences for the owner. Security and transparency are therefore crucial criteria for a good collaboration. It is for this reason that we put a big emphasis on transparency for our clients. Important information is released promptly as well as, questions and issues are answered in great detail and on an individual basis. All owners have online access to all relevant accounts and are able to see every single transaction that takes place.

Independence leads to greater decision-making

The real estate market does not have the best reputation. Especially the awarding of construction contracts is not carried out through the most transparent way. Occasionally personal interests will also be involved, which stand in the way of logical economic decisions. Mismanagement and excessive prices can be the result. Mittenmang property management recognizes this conflict of interests and is not active as a real estate agent or property developer. Instead we focus on the management of properties and apartments. This will eliminate conflicts of interest. All employees abide by the anti-corruption code of ethics of Transparency International. Independence, so we believe, results in better decision making.

Sustainability means responsibility for the future

Future generations should have the same chances of a fulfilling life as us. For mittenmang, sustainability is not just an empty cliché, but also a clear mission. As a property manager we don’t just want to promote an efficient use of resources, but we also want to exemplify it. We like to use our bikes or public transportation to get to work and try to use office supplies sparingly and effectively. Virtual data processing makes it easier than ever to save paper.

Commitment to the "Kiez" and the Renaissance of the Neighborhood

Nobody lives solely for themselves. Turning spatial proximity into a social neighborhood is a primary concern. mittenmang property management would like to contribute to the "Renaissance of the Neighborhood". We don’t just network with craftsmen and service providers, but also search for the exchange of local projects and initiatives. mittenmang supports the culture of communication in the "Kiez" wherever it can. People of all generations and ethnicities should feel at home and learn to appreciate cooperation. Therefore you will find up to date information about neighborhood initiatives, social projects, the district management’s latest doings, as well as an overview of all the events in any particular "Kiez", on our website.