Our Service Pledge

1. One stop shop with comprehensive service

At mittenmang you have one contact person for everything and therefore a direct line of communication. Great effectiveness, a smooth process and quick, individual handling of issues. That’s what we can promise you.

2. Excellent technical property management

We will accompany construction projects, no matter what kind, intensively: from damage inspection to the checking of the bill, we’re there with you every step of the way. And we have competent, reliable craftsmen of all industries on our side.  

3. Advanced reporting for property owners and investors

Sometimes you just want to know every single detail. That’s why we offer a monthly report on the latest status of the property, construction projects, liquidity, rent arrears and other aspects of this nature.

4. Efficiency and cost savings through modern web technology

Tenants and property owners can access our online archive at any time and call up their documents and correspondences. Our clients benefit from the advantages of modern Internet technology. Upon request, all documents will be sent via email. 

5. mittenmang property management

Berlin is as international as its residents. Whether it’s contracts, exchange of letters, preparation of documents or consulting on the phone – we gladly communicate with you in English, as well.  

6. Sustainable "Kiez" commitment

mittenmang means to be in the middle of it. That’s why we’re not only tightly connected with regional craftsmen and service providers, but are also constantly in touch with "Kiez" initiatives and the district management.

Your advantages are:

  • Great efficiency through time saving and a good bond of trust achieved through high transparency.
  • Appreciation in value through cost-effective maintenance.
  • Low administration costs and any time access to all the important documents.
  • Reliable flow of information: Whether property owner or investor; we’ll tell you everything that you have to know about your properties, quickly and reliably.
  • Yes, we speak English.
  • A healthy, balanced "Kiez" structure adds to the appreciation value of your property.