Home association management

The Condominium Act specifies that condominiums have to be administrated accordingly. So far, so good. However, whether it’s used for private use or rented out, condominiums are much more: All property owners are connected to one another. They form a homeowners association and also a community of value.

The common value is the property and the community itself, pulling together in order to be capable of acting. Our task as property manager is to align the interests of all involved parties and to put the homeowners association into a position of making informed decisions.

Transparency and availability are top priority to us. A professional software helps us process all transactions as quickly and reliably as possible. What characterizes us, is a great identification of our clients’ property. In order to secure the property value on a long-term basis, thinking and planning ahead is crucial, which we at mittenmang are experts of. Upon request we’re able to come up with a property maintenance routing, so that future costs can be calculated better.


Scope of Services for Home Association Management


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