Common Hold Property Management

We offer a complete service package to members of homeowners associations, wanting to rent out their apartments. We support you during the process of the rental agreement. Our belief: Your property should stay a carefree investment, which should not worry you, or stress you out.

When you buy an apartment, you become an owner of a commonhold property, but also maintain an intellectual co-ownership share of the common property. The unit, in this case the apartment, becomes your acquired property. The common property consists in essence of the facade, the shared grounds (areas, spaces, grounds), the outside facilities and the utilities. All components of a house that can be changed without affecting other people’s rights, are part of the commonhold property. When you have acquired a rented apartment in a homeowners association, the support does not belong to the duties of the homeowners association’s property manager. That becomes a completely separate task, for which you will have to find a service provider for.

We, as the property management company, are the gateway between you and your tenant and align the different interests. Should you want us to manage your commonhold property, you’ll be able to choose between having the rent be transferred directly into your account or it can be put in an escrow account and then forwarded to you by us.