Scope of Services for Rental Management

Commercial real estate services


  • Re-letting of residential units and commercial units for prices in line with the market and laws after coming to an agreement with the owner.

Rental support

  • Calculation of the economic rent in publicly funded housing programs.
  • Development of existing rental agreements in freely financed apartments according to § 558 BGB and renegotiation of already existing and expiring commercial rental agreements.
  • Periodic assessment of graduated and index-linked rent.

 Rent Collection

  • Consistent dunning, enforcement of legal actions and delinquency procedures in collaboration with the appropriate attorney.
  • All communications with tenants, government agencies, utility and service providers.

Upon termination of the rental agreement

  • Handling of the rental agreement, pre-inspection and final inspection in order to ensure the agreed upon aesthetic repairs were carried out and the apartment is given back in the condition which was agreed upon in the rental agreement, rent deposit invoice.

Budgeting and economic planning

Financial accounting and billing

Payment transactions

  • Processing of property-related payment transactions.
  • Filing of the sales tax summary report at the tax and revenue office for opting rental house owners.

Complete bookkeeping

Monthly billing for the owner

  • With status report, liquidity and a list of arrears, property reports, other assessments (e.g. for tax accountants).

Utilities statement

  • Creating an annual utilities statement, including a third-party heating, warm and cold-water bill, as well as collection and check-up of the advance payments.

Technical property support

  • Supervision of utility and service providers, the caretaker and the maintenance company.
  • Maintenance and Repairs Implementation and checkup of all inspections and maintenances required by law.
  • Preparation, supervision and checkup of necessary maintenance and repair measures in addition to obtaining offers from the appropriate craft businesses up to an amount of approximately 8,000€ - beyond that we will assign an accredited technician after an agreement with the owner or a decision from the owners meeting.
  • Initiate immediate action in case of an emergency.
  • Modernization Preparation and implementation of modernization measures in close consultation with the owner/s, modernization announcements and rent increase done in due time according to § 559 BGB.
  • Consultation with the owners for important management decisions. Counseling and service Handling of the tenants’ needs and concerns as well as personal consultation for the owners for all real estate related questions.
  • Availability Regular office hours are from 9-5, alongside a 24/7 emergency hotline.
  • Optimization of operating costs Preparation, completion and frequent checkups of the contracts with utility and service providers.