Scope of Services for Home Association Management

Business plan

Planning and coordination with the advisory board, calculation of the individual housing benefits.

Housing benefits billing

Submission of a concise, understandable housing benefits bill before May 31st of the following year, separate information on allocatable and non-allocatable costs as well as tax-deductible expenses according to § 35 a of the income tax law.


Collection of housing benefits, monitoring of incoming payments and dunnings.

Payment transactions

Carrying out payment transactions through the homeowners’ association account, which is separate from the administrator assets.

Asset Management

Interest-bearing assets for the sinking fund and short-term solvent capital.


Statement of assets and liabilities and list of pending articles as well as a short report for the management advisory board, either on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Owners meetings

Preparation, invitation and management, transcript keeping, recording of the archive of resolutions.


of the property owner and the tenants in all housing-related questions.

Optimization of operating costs

Preparation, completion and frequent check ups of necessary utility and service provider contracts.

On-site checkups

Checking of the utility and service providers, the caretaker/cleaning staff and the maintenance company.


Preparation and accompanying of necessary maintenance and repair measures; more extensive building measures, which combine multiple maintenance groups or if the contract amount exceeds 10,000 € (to be decided on an individual basis), will be taken over by professionally adept construction supervisor upon approval from the owners meeting.